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About Proactively Positive Counseling

Our site was developed in an effort to reach more people, to touch more lives. We always hear people express a need for counselors that share their values and belief system.  While we cannot meet in person with all of you, we can aid and educate you from the privacy of your own home.

Here at Proactively Positive Counseling, we take sound therapeutic skills and incorporate it with doctrinal principles to help change lives.

Let us help you foster the change in your life that you need.

Middle-aged psychologist sitting next to his patient and listening to her childhood story in order to find reason of her disease

Education & Training

Learn from us. Read our articles on various counseling topics. Watch previous live sessions.

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Live Group Sessions

Attend live group sessions for education and support with Rich & Sheldon.

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Individual Sessions

Visit our virtual office to receive individualized online counseling sessions. (Available in select areas.)

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