Meet the Counselors

Sheldon and Rich have been working together professionally for close to 10 years. They met during their graduate school internships when they both were privileged to begin working with Dr. Bernell Christensen, PhD. in Draper, Utah. It was with Dr. Christensen and Dr. Randy Hyde, PhD. from Provo, Utah, that Sheldon and Rich began their training in the treatment of pornography.  They eventually went on to work with Dr. Hyde at Preferred Family Clinic in Provo, where they continued to gain valuable experience helping those who struggle with pornography use and other out of control sexual behavior.

They have had the opportunity to work with thousands of clients.  While specializing in helping individuals overcome pornography, they also have experience treating adolescents and adults with anxiety, depression, and ADHD.  They also work with couples that have marital concerns and sexual problems.

Both Rich and Sheldon love the work that they do and they are excited to have the opportunity to reach out and help those that are in need.



Dr. Sheldon Martin

Doctor of Behavioral Health, DBH

Dr. Sheldon Martin graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in integrated behavioral health. As a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Dr. Martin has had a varied career. Much of his career has been balanced among four major tenants: education, research, treatment, and training.

Dr. Martin has worked in private education for 15 years. He has worked at three different major Universities as either a guest lecturer or visiting professor.

Dr. Martin has also spent time working directly with patients in a private practice. His real love is seeing "real patients".  He has had the opportunity to sit on different boards and panels including a board member of Utah Coalition Against Pornography and a training board of curriculum for a youth program with 10,000 participants each year.

Dr. Martin has also spent time conducting and publishing research. He has written multiple books which can be found on the resource page.

Dr. Martin has trained multiple leaders of businesses, education, and athletics. His doctorate studies focused on using technological resources to reduce healthcare cost.  He founded and oversaw a technology healthcare company and kept it profitable during the time he oversaw the company.

Although these accolades give Dr. Martin credentials to speak on certain subjects his real professional love is people. Helping people is his business and life’s mission. Whether that is done through publishing, speaking, treating or educating his work is people. He finds great life fulfillment helping others.  The people that mean the most to him are his family. Dr. Martin is a proponent of the most basic unit of society is family and stronger families results in stronger communities and society.


Rich Tripp

Clinical Mental Health Counselor, CMHC, CST

Rich is a Certified Mental Health Counselor and an AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists) Certified Sex Therapist.

Rich received his Bachelor of Science in Marriage Family & Human Development from Brigham Young University.  While at BYU, he gained valuable experience working with adolescent youth who were in court-mandated treatment.   He also had the opportunity to work as a research assistant with a group of graduate students studying sexual attraction assessments.

Rich received his Master of Education in Professional Counseling from University of Utah. It was during his graduate studies that Rich grew interested in becoming a Certified Sex Therapist.  He completed his certification in  2015 and currently serves as the AASECT Utah Section Head.

Rich’s specialties include working with Out of Control Sexual Behavior, Sexual Dysfunctions, and Marital Counseling. He also works individually with adolescents, and adults with Depression and Anxiety.

Rich has had numerous opportunities to travel around Utah County to speak at LDS wards on various topics.  He loves being able to get out and meet so many great people.

Rich is happily married with four children and loves serving in his ward and family. Counseling is a gift he was blessed with as he has always been the one to give advice and counsel to those in need, whether professionally or as a friend.

Unhappy man talking at couples therapy session in therapists office

Our Approach

Our approach to helping others is to encourage them to move toward positive change in their lives.  We work to help individuals identify their values and assist them to use effective strategies so they can live according to those values.

In therapy, we use a lot of Cognitive Behavioral principles to help clients identify thinking errors and change their thoughts so that they can experience more positive emotions and healthier behavior.

Our approach is rooted in hope and change not guilt and shame.